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The Jeweled Jezebel 

I am so grateful to have found my path to be able to do what I love in a way that lets me create a sustainable living to provide for the beautiful souls under my protection is a dream come true. I use Emotional intuitive healing combined with Law of Attraction and psychology to help women achieve their dreams and  remove  blocks so they can reach their highest potential. I love creating a safe place for women to learn the foundations of  the Law of Attraction  and fitness while instilling in them the knowledge they need  to achieve all their fitness goals AND feel as good along the journey as they will at the destination.

I have been an intuitive sensitive my whole life and have always been attracted to the mystical but also love a scientific understanding of the same magical processes. The law attraction, manifestation and anything woo for that matter has always been my bag. I am a certified Law of Attraction coach through the Transformation Academy. I completed a mat  certification in 2010 with Brian Hull and another in 2014 at Core Pilates, I started Crossfit in 2014 and obtained my Crossfit Level 1.  I use a fusion of these and other modalities I have found effective. I help clients achieve their dreams faster by setting goals, challenging limiting beliefs and using the Law of attraction. I've sold real estate and flipped houses for over 25 years in Columbia County with my family at Old Ghent Realty and my academic background is Interior Design but what I really enjoyed was the hands on renovation and restoration of homes. Ultimately this it what set me on the path to study metal working and jewelry design which I pursued through the Capital District Center for the Arts.

If you come to Ghent make sure to swing by the Bartlett House they have the most amazing pastries and food, my family had its Real estate office there for over 30 years before selling, its right around the corner.

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep!

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